is a dead simple scree sharing utility that lets you share your Windows or Mac desktop with other users. Just download and run a 1MB file and the app will give you a code that you can share with anyone. They can visit the web site and enter the code to see your desktop, chat with you, call in to a conference line, or view a list of participants.

The service comes from the folks at LogMeIn, who have been cranking out excellent remote desktop software for the past few years. What makes different from other LogMeIn apps is the ease of setup (it literally just takes a few seconds), and the fact that while you can show other participants your desktop, they can’t control your PC. This makes a great tool for providing software demos or PowerPoint presentations, but it’s not going to let you login to your grandmother’s computer to fix problems.

There is a “share control” button in the desktop interface but it didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if this is because the only participant in my test was on an iPod touch, or if you need a pro account to share control. The service is available for free, although you can also sign up for a pro account with user management, meeting tools, and other goodies.

Now LogMeIn has launched a app for iOS. While you can’t use it to share your iOS desktop, you can use it to login to a session on any desktop computer. Just enter the appropriate code and you should see the desktop within seconds. You can zoom in and out or hit the on-screen controls to bring up a chat window, view participants, or call-in details. for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store, and supports the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. An Android version is also in development.

via GigaOm

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  1. Yeah, I have even used screen sharing with one of my friends and it works fine. You can also try RHUB web conferencing severs for desktop screen sharing. It is FortKnox.

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