Vodafone 360 H1 with LiMo R2 software

While Symbian is essentially going the way of the DoDo, and Nokia’s shifting some of its resources away from MeeGo, those aren’t the only open source mobile operating systems around. Google Android is based on open source code, although most of the development happens behind closed doors before Google releases each new version. And then there’s LiMo.

The LiMo Foundation is an industry group made up of a whole bunch of players in the mobile phone space including device makers, mobile carriers, chip manufacturers, and others, and LiMo is an open source, Linux-based mobile operating system.

This week the foundation introduced LiMo 4. The latest operating system features support for multitasking, social networking tools, multitouch gesture support, widget libraries, 3D window effects, and scalable graphics that work on devices with multiple screen resolutions.

LiMo 4 also adds support for Adobe’s Flash and AIR multimedia platform.

The operating system will be available for download in July.

via PocketNow


Brad Linder

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