Notifications on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are kind of a pain in the behind. When an app wants your attention it shoves a pop-up window at you in the middle of the screen and you can’t really do much of anything else until you make it go away. But once you do that, it’s gone forever, making it tough to remember what you were supposed to do if you got a notification a half hour ago when you didn’t have time to open your chat app, media player, or whatever it was that sent you the notification.

MobileNotifier fixes all of that. Once the app is installed, notifications appear at the top of your display instead of square in the middle. And they stay at the top of your screen even if you’re interacting with the OS.

In order to deal with a notification, just tap it and either click “open” which will take you to the app asking for your attention, or click “later” to hide the notification for now.

When you want to see the notifications you’ve saved with the “later” button, just double-tap the home button to open up the multitasking window. You’ll still see the icons for currently running apps along the bottom of the screen, just like you normally do with iOS 4.x. But you’ll also see a list of saved notifications above it.

There’s also a lock screen view which shows you how many pending notifications you have before swiping to unlock your device.

The only catch? Apple doesn’t officially support this type of modification to a core iOS function. So you won’t find MobileNotifier in the App Store, and you’ll need a jailbroken device to install the app.

You can grab MobileNotifier from the Cydia store by adding the developer’s repository.

via 9 to 5 Mac

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