The folks at popular bittorrent manager uTorrent have released an official torrent manager for Android. The app doesn’t actually let you download or share torrent files on your phone. Instead it acts as a remote control for torrent management with uTorrent running on your computer.

In order to use the Android app with uTorrent, you’ll need to download and install uTorrent 3.0 Alpha. Once you’re all set up, you can use the Android app to monitor the progress of downloads from your mobile device, add or remove torrents, or pause downloads.

The cool thing is that you can actually download a torrent file on your phone and open it with the uTorrent app to add it to your queue — and that will automatically cause the uTorrent app running on your PC to start downloading the file.

You can also use the uTorrent app to transfer completed files from your PC to your mobile device. So while you can’t actually download an MP3, movie, or other file directly on your phone using the app, you can instruct your PC to download that file and then copy it to your phone once the download is complete.

via Android Police

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