One of the most powerful, customizable calendar apps for Windows Mobile, iOS, and BlackBerry is now available for Google Android. After several months of beta testing, WebIS has officially launched Pocket Informant for Android. It’s available from the Android Market at an introductory price of $5.99.

The app offers month, day, week, and agenda calendar views and you can customize the look and feel of each. For instance you can choose whether to show text for appointments in the crowded month view on a tiny screen. And you can choose between a column week view which looks like the default Android calendar or a week view which gives each day a box and populates it with appointment text so you can see a whole week at a glance.

Aside from offering more control over the look and feel of your day, week, and month views, Pocket Informant also makes it easy to create and edit appointments — and offers a feature that is missing from Google’s calendar app for Android for some baffling reason: the ability to move an appointment between different Google calendars.

Pocket Informant also has an integrated task manager which allows you to sort apps by status, category, priority, or other criteria. If you like you can also configure the app to show tasks with due dates in the calendar view.

The Pocket Informant calendar can be synchronized with any or all of your Google Calendars, and you can configure the task manager to synchronize your data with web-based to do list Toodledo.

If you were using the beta version of Pocket Informant for Android, you’ll have to uninstall it before installing the full version. Some of your settings will still be saved though.

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  1. Pocket Informant looks very nice, I should try it out. I also want to try Pimlical, from the folks who wrote Datebk for palmos. Have you seen it? I’d love to hear how they compare, but I should probably just spend the $10 or so to buy them both to see for myself. I really liked datebk, and it looks like both of these would be a huge step up from the built in calendar app.

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