Robo Defense is one of the most popular tower defense games for Android, and for good reason. The game is ridiculously easy to learn and ludicrously difficult to master even after spending countless hours leveling up. Now Lupis Labs has released a new verison of Robo Defense with a few new key features including:

  • Support for Android tablets
  • Support for phones with smaller screens
  • A new “survival mode” which rapidly increases the difficulty from level to level
  • New achievements to unlock
  • More detailed graphics
  • On-screen battery meter

I’m not entirely convinced that the new graphics look any better on a smartphone display than the original graphics. But support for tablets and smaller phones is a good thing, as are new game modes and other features.

If the new graphics look familiar, that’s because Lupis Labs has been offering a public beta app called Robo Defense HD Free for the past few weeks.

There’s a free version of Robo Defense available from the Android Market, but in order to play past the first map, you’ll need to install the full version which costs $2.99.

Brad Linder

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