While TiVo doesn’t currently offer an iPhone app, the very fine “DVR Remote” has us covered. Of course, the first thing you get is a virtual TiVo remote. Actually, a number of virtual remote skins are available via the now pre-loaded themes, with some ability to customize.

Unfortunately, none look exactly like what you might find from an official TiVo app — as Stutsman has probably made a conscious effort to stay away from trademarked imagery and even the TiVo name. However, these are non issues that iPod Touch and iPhone owners can safely ignore.

The virtual remote is split into two sections, with function keys up top and the ability to swipe a numeric keypad in and out of view as needed for direct entry. Most important to TiVo Premiere owners is the updated QWERTY keyboard input, which has been a long time coming, and is the highlight of version 3.5. Additionally, as shown in the release notes above left, nearly all graphics are higher resolution to accomodate those us with Retina Displays.

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