Verizon pushed out a significant FiOS TV DVR Manager iPhone app update this morning, bring us up to version 1.5.

Most notable upon first launch is that the previous horrid graphics have been replaced with a polished UI that mirrors what’s found in their latest DVR update (IMG 1.9, slowly rolling out). Remote scheduling and DVR recording management are still present… but much more attractive. Also, in the interface category, the grid guide can now be viewed in landscape orientation.

In terms of new functionality, Verizon has ported my favorite iPad feature down to the iPhone (or iPod Touch) in allowing you to see what other folks in your region are watching — nice to have if you’re still a channel surfer, as I am.

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One reply on “Verizon FiOS DVR iPhone App Updated”

  1. FiOS is really lacking in the mobile app area. As cool as it is that you can look at the TV guide on your iPhone, there is more that I would expect from an app like this. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I use the DISH Remote Access app and it is awesome. This app works in sync with my 922 SlingLoaded receiver to stream live TV and recorded shows to my iPhone. The best thing is that I don’t have to be at home just to enjoy watching TV. Anywhere that I can get a 3G connection, I can watch any channel I subscribe to. Let me tell you TV is just not at its best until you can watch it anywhere you want! I definitely suggest checking out to get all the information!

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