The Pre 2 is the first phone to ship with webOS 2.x preloaded. But it turns out it’s not the only phone that can run the operating system. Despite earlier suggestions that HP would not be releasing webOS 2.x for older phones, that’s exactly what the company did last night.

HP has posted a Doctor image for webOS 2.1 for European Palm Pre Plus handsets. It looks like there may never be an over-the-air update, but all you have to do to install the software is download it to a computer, connect your phone via a USB cable, and run the system update software.

While the webOS 2.1 image is only officially available for European Pre Plus users at the moment, hackers are already hard at work on getting it to run properly on US devices. According to PreCentral, the process is still a little buggy, but if you’re cool with potentially crippling your phone in the name of science, you can indeed install webOS 2.1.

Or you could just wait until the hackers at webOS Internals have had more time to smooth out the process or until HP releases official updates for US phones.

Brad Linder

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