Scrabble-clone Words With Friends is one of the most popular games available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with more than 10 million users. The game basically lets you play a Scrabble-like game over the internet with a friend or anonymous stranger. Soon Words for Friends will also be available for Android.

Developer Zynga announced that Words With Friends is coming soon the Android Market. That could dramatically increase the number of potential challengers, since iOS and Android users will be able to play against one another.

Like the iOS game, Words With Friends for Android will support in-game chat, push notifications, and support for playing up to 20 games simultaneously.

Zynga says an ad-supported version of the game will be available for Android later in February, with an ad-free premium version to follow in the next few months.

The folks at Android Central got a chance to check out a preview of Words With Friends for Android. You can check out a hands-on video after the break. It looks like there will be smartphone and tablet versions of the game.

Brad Linder

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