ZDbox is a new app for Android which the developer describes as an all-in-one toolbox, and he’s really not kidding. You can use it as a battery monitor, task killer, and internet traffic monitor. You can use it to set “do not disturb” hours when your phone will automatically go silent or even into airplane mode. And you can use ZDbox to quickly uninstall or even batch uninstall applications from your phone.

The full app is well organized and easy to navigate. But there’s also an icon that shows up in the notification bar which shows your remaining battery percentage. If you pull down the notification bar you can see even more details at a glance, including how many apps you currently have running and how much 2G or 3G internet bandwidth you’ve used.

From the battery tab within the app you can see which apps or services are using up your battery. The 2G/3G traffic area lets you select your billing data, monthly data allowance, and update frequency. There’s also a pretty slick “more detail” option which shows you how much bandwidth each app on your phone has used.

You can use the App Lock function to password protect certain apps on your phone. The task killer shows you a list of running apps which can be closed. And the App Manager lets you uninstall apps or move apps from your phone to the SD card or vice versa in batch jobs.

ZDbox is still in beta testing, but it seems to work quite well so far. The app is available as a free download from the xda-developers forum.

You can check out some more screenshots after the break.

Brad Linder

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