Adobe’s Flash Player isn’t the only app that’s been updated to play nice with tablets running Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Adobe also launched AIR 2.6 for Android 3.0 today.

The latest version of AIR offers improved performance for all supported Android platforms including smoother video and faster rendering of animation and games. There’s also support for the latest Android system gestures, which should make it easier to interact with AIR-based apps on Android tablets.

Adobe AIR is a platform that lets developers code native apps fro Android and desktop computers using the same tools as they’d use to write Flash-based apps for the web. The folks at AppBrain maintain a directory of Android apps that rely on the AIR runtime.

Adobe AIR 2.6 is available as a free download from the Android Market.

via Droid Gamers

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3 replies on “Adobe AIR 2.6 adds support for Android 3.0”

  1. Once again Android shows why it’s just better and does more–it’s inclusive instead of exclusive.

    AppBrain shows 100 pages with 10 apps per page for “all time favorite” Adobe Air Apps. I’m sure Apple fans will ignore this and once again try to say that there are only a few apps for Android Honeycomb tablets–because iOS fans can’t wrap their brain around the idea that usable apps come from more than one “app store” and in Android they don’t have to be labeled as “tablet optimized” because Android apps scale properly ;)

    Add those 1,000+ apps to the thousands of Adobe Flash apps available for use on Android Honeycomb. . . not to mention all the web apps & regular Android apps that scale and function perfectly fine on Honeycomb tablets–already ahead of the number of iPad apps available.

    But keep trying apple fans to say that there are no apps for Android tablets ;)

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