American Express has just served up its take on the mobile digital payment space by way of an iOS and Android app simply called – Serve. The mobile app is part of American Express’ digital payment  and commerce platform called ServeSM. This lets you spend, send and receive money using your mobile phone via the Serve app for iOS and Android phone.

Serve allows you to make purchases and person-to-person (P2P) payments using your mobile phone. You can use your iOS or Android phone to pay for consumer products from participating merchants who accepts AMEX cards.

The good thing about using Serve digital payment platform  is that it unifies your multiple payment options under one account which you can fund through your bank account, debit, credit or charge card. You can also source funds from another Serve account. You can then accessed your Serve accounts via the Serve iOS  or Android apps.

What separates Serve account from traditional debit card accounts is that Serve lets you create, manage, and specify sub-accounts for your friends, family members or colleagues. If you’re the holder of the master account, you can then set spending limits for all your sub-accounts. Serve is a pretty useful payment method for family with several members whose finances are controlled by the family head.

Finally, the Serve iOS and Android app lets you send and receive money, request money, split-the bill when making group payments or purchase, add funds to your  Serve account and check your account balance as well as manage your sub-accounts.

Serve is available as a free download from the Android Market and [itunes link=”″ title=”iTunes App Store” text=”iTunes App Store”].

via Engadget