AOL has launched a new music app for Android called AOL Play. It’s the first time the company has launched a product first on mobile. Other AOL mobile apps such as Mapquest, Finance, or AOL Instant Messenger started out as desktop software before the company launched mobile versions.

But even if you don’t care about the business decisions behind Play, it’s worth checking out. It has all the features you’d expect from a mobile music player, allowing you to sort through songs on your phone by artist, song title, or album. But you can also share any song you’re currently playing with your friends on Facebook or Twitter with just a click or two.

The app also lets you add friends and contacts and see a news feed showing what your friends are listening to. You can then comment on their music choices to tell them how lame they are. Or you know, how cutting edge.

The app also has an MP3 of the Day section with free downloads. While the section is called MP3 of the Day, there are actually multiple songs available as free downloads each day — although the selection appears to be identical to what you get in the free music section of AOL’s Winamp app for Android.

AOL Play will also offer live video streams of concerts from time to time, and there’s currently a SXSW section with free songs from artists performing at this year’s music festival in Austin.

Play is launching first on Android, but AOL plans to offer an iPhone app soon as well.

via Business Insider

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