Google may have taken a bit of wind out of third party Android app directory AppBrain‘s sails when Google launched a web-based version of the Android Market with the ability to install apps on your phone by clicking a button in your desktop web browser. But AppBrain keeps finding ways to stay relevant. The latest is the ApppBrain Android Stats page.

AppBrain maintains data on all the apps currently available in the Android Market and lets you sift through the data in interesting ways.

For example, as of this afternoon there were over 148,800 apps available in the Market. Nearly 93,000 of them are free. Almost 71,000 apps have a user rating lower than 3 stars, and the average user rating for an app is 3.7.

You probably won’t be shocked to learn that free apps are downloaded far more often than paid apps. But it’s also interesting to note that medical apps are the most expensive paid apps, with an average price of $16.57, while arcade games, puzzle games, and casual games are among the cheapest apps, with average prices of less than $2.

AppBrain also maintains stats on the top search terms and shared apps — but this data comes directly from AppBrain users, not Android Market users, so it might not be representative of the wider public. AppBrain also tracks the top Android phones and Android SDK versions of its users.

via AppBrain blog

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