Want to turn on the Clock application on your Android phone every time you plug in a USB cable, or disable WiFi and data connections when the battery level dips below a certain percentage? How about vibrating when you’re within about 200 meters of your home or office? AutomateIt is a free app which lets you do those things… and a few dozen other things as well.

Basically, AutomateIt lets you automate certain tasks by setting a trigger and an action. It offers some of the functionality of Tasker, but AutomateIt is free and has a simpler (if less attractive) user interface.

AutomateIt triggers include toggling Airplane Mode on and off, SMS triggers, battery level changes, incoming calls, or even changes in location. Once you select a trigger, you can hit the settings button next to the trigger for additional options. For example, if you selected “Battery level” as a trigger, the settings screen lets you establish how low the battery level must drop before an action is triggered.

The action list lets you perform a number of tasks, ranging from launching an application or bringing up the home screen to vibrating, playing a sound, or changing your volume, data, or WiFi state.

You can find a lengthy list of triggers and actions at and download links at the AutomateIt page at the Google Android Market.

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