Security firm AVG has offered antivirus software for Android for a few months, but now the company has announced the launch of a new security app for Android tablets.

AVG Mobilation for Android tablets scans your device to find apps, settings, data, or media files that may be infected with malware. The app can also remotely locate your missing device or wipe your data. AVG’s software can also backup your data to a password-protected folder on your SD card for safe keeping.

The press release doesn’t really make it clear how the new tablet version of the software differs from AVG’s existing Android solutions, but Laptop Magazine has a few photos of the new tablet version of AVG Mobilation.

I took the free version for a spin on my phone recently, and it looks like AVG might not be the best solution for users with rooted devices. It detected a number of apps and settings that required root access — which makes sense, since rooting an Android phone requires finding an exploit in the core operating system. But it’d be nice if AVG could tell the difference between intentional exploits and security threats from outside.

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  1. I have it on both my augen gentouch tablet pc, and my Panimage tablet pc…n I have to say I love it.

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