Apple’s AirPlay service makes it easy to stream photos and video from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to an Apple TV set top box connected to your TV. But what if you don’t have an Apple TV and instead want to stream content to your Mac? Banana TV can do that.

Whether you use your 11.6 inch MacBook Air, a 27 inch iMac, or a Mac Mini plugged into your HDTV as your media center of choice, pretty much every Mac computer has a bigger, higher resolution display than Apple’s mobile devices, which makes them a much better choice for sharing photos and videos with friends around the home.

Banana TV is basically a Mac application that convinces your iOS device that the computer is a valid AirPlay sharing device. Then you can use the AirPlay function built into iOS to stream content from supported apps to your Mac.

The Banana TV app will run you $7.99 and requires iOS 4.2 and up.

via TUAW

Banana TV from Kyle Matthews on Vimeo.

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