Microsoft has launched a new deals feature, which offers more than 200,000 offers from businesses in 13,000 cities throughout the US. The service is available from the web site or from the mobile site (

The bargains come from The Dealmap, which gathers its data from Groupon, LivingSocial, and other services. If you’re wondering why you should use Bing instead of the Dealmap web site or mobile apps, it’s because the Bing user experience is optimized for mobile and you can use it without installing a single thing on your phone. Just click the Deals button from the Bing mobile web site and let your phone share your location, and a list of local businesses offering deals will appear.

The top of the screen plots the deals on a map, and there’s a drop-down menu letting you sort deals by distance from your current location or expiration date.

You can also use the filters at the top for the page to look for saved deals, nearby deals, or sort by category. And of course, Bing wouldn’t be much of a search engine if you couldn’t  also search for deals by entering keywords in the search box.

Bing Deals is available on most desktop browsers and on mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices. Because the service relies on HTML5, Windows Phone 7 isn’t currently supported. Microsoft’s mobile platform should get an HTML5-capable web browser later this year.

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3 replies on “Bing brings local deals to iOS, Android search pages”

  1. I knew that Microsoft would have the deals business sooner or later but i dont think they would be able to fight against groupon deals…. i think groupon deals would be way ahead of Microsoft’s because groupon is real!!!! and ms would be cloning groupon! so let rock cloners!!

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