I recently stumbled upon a business card reader app for Android called CamCard.  I thought it was just one of those OCR reader apps which have been proliferating in the Android Market. And besides I rarely find the need to save business cards as my line of work doesn’t make me meet new contacts. But then I decided to check out the app anyway and was surprised to find the app pretty cool – and useful.

As a business card reader app, CamCard lets you capture business card images using your Android phone’s camera. The app recognizes the card image content and the result is automatically processed, saved and added as a contact to your phone’s address book. If you want to see the captured information first, the app also has a card holder where you can view all captured business cards.

Aside from its good functionality, one nice thing about this app is its overall interface and design. The main menu looks sleek, and the workflow is pretty straight forward and gets the job done.  But of course, there are other features which will make you like the app even more.

  • trims and enhances the captured image before saving
  • saves the contact information into your Android phone, Gmail or Exchange contact list
  • recognizes the language of the captured business card
  • rotates card images
  • shoots or imports card images for recognition by batch
  • recognizes email signature
  • searches contact in Card Holder

CamCard also lets you to quickly look-up contacts, email and browse your LinkedIn account and add the information from the newly captured business card to your LinkedIn contacts.

CamCard Business Card Reader is available as a free “Lite” download but this will allow you to save only up to 10 business cards during the first week and 2 cards weekly after that. You may opt to get the full version which allows unlimited business cards as well as some more language packs.

The app isn’t the only business card scanner available for Android, but it’s one of the nicer ones I’ve seen.

via Lifehacker