Apple iOS 4.3 will be available to the public on March 11th, but anyone with a developer account has been able to test out a pre-release build for the last few days, and users are starting to notice a couple of hidden features.

Sure we already know that the web browser will feature faster JavaScript performance, there will be improved support for sharing media between a Mac and an iOS device, and the ability to turn your iPhone 4 into a “Personal Hotspot,” sharing your 3G internet connection with other devices. But here are a few things you may not have known:

Hopefully Apple will work out the kinks in the Home Sharing feature, and I suppose it’s good to have the option of WiFi tethering… even if actually using it seems expensive. At least the App Store improvement sounds promising.

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9 replies on “Closer look at some changes in iOS 4.3… for better or worse”

  1. I don’t know why AT&T still charges you guys for something you already pay for. Up here in Canada, Rogers will allow you to tether for free so long as you have at least a 1GB data plan.

      1. Depending on where you live – you may even be going down – and no its not as cold as some people think :-)

    1. American carriers are so ready to rip off their customers. Also in Korea we don’t have to pay for wifi tethering. You already purchased the data off of the wireless. I don’t understand why the customers have to pay additional fee for “just tethering” their devices.

    2. Tmobile hasnt charged me anything yet. I don’t use it very often though. I’ve been able to tether n1, g2, and nexus s. all three completely stock. No custom roms required.

    3. idk why people feel the need to read articles and only post bad comments, AT&T does what it does, Rogers does what it does, no changing it. idk about other people but I love AT&T, I’ve had tmobile for a year and verizon for 2 years, both company’s are scam and care more about the extra dollar, AT&T has never given me problems on replacing phones and there customer is always 30 sec phone call away, as for the extra 20 dollars to hotspot, who cares, it’s not like most people are looking forward to the hotspot feature anyway, it’s cool and all but pretty much everywhere you go nowadays (Atleast in jersey/new York) has wifi in every store

  2. If you jailbreak your iphone, you can tether it for free.
    You could do it since the 3.0 update.
    Apple is seriously behind the curve.

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