DirecTV has launched a free Apple iPad app, allowing you to use the iPad as a remote control for your satellite receiver.

Given it’s size, I find the iPad cumbersome as a full-time remote replacement. Yet, like TiVo’s iPad app, DirecTV has rounded out the experience with additional info and features that potentially make it a compelling couch-side companion. While there doesn’t appear to be as much in-depth content info as found within the TiVo iPad app, the DirecTV app is customizable and provides a dedicated sports section… with live scores.

For maximum functionality, including the virtual remote control and access to remote scheduling, you’ll need a broadband-connected DirecTV Plus HD DVR (models HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24 and H21, H23, H24).

More details and pics can be found on DirecTV’s site and DBSTalk has produced a multi-page overview.

This article originally appeared at Zatz Not Funny.

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  1. Nice going DirecTV, just copy off of DISH Network and Comcast why don’t you! I don’t understand why DirecTV has this app but you cannot watch live TV on the app or take it everywhere and watch live TV at least DISH Networks app you can and this does not just work on iPads but Smartphone’s, Tablets, and Laptops as well. As a DISH Network employee and subscriber I can tell you with DISH Network you will payless money for programming with HD free for life you can catch your favorite movie stations in HD that DirecTV cannot provide you: HBO Family, HBO signature, HBO Latino, HBO Comedy, EPIX, Turner Classic movies and money more! Check this out

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