Evernote is an online service for taking, storing, and searching notes — including photos, web clippings, and other items. The company provides a series of mobile apps which let you access your notes on the go or create new notes using your phone’s camera, mic, or touchscreen. Evernote for iPhone was actually one of the first native iPhone apps available, launching on the same day as the App Store. Two years later, Evernote is releasing Evernote 4 for the iPhone.

The company has redesigned the mobile app with a new home screen that combines a note browser and tools for creating new notes. There’s also a new Snippet View which shows just part of a note so you can fit as much information as possible on a small screen. That might include a headline and a line or two of text, or a small portion of a larger photo.

The New Note screen is split into a text entry box and a series of large buttons letting you create or upload photos or voice notes, enter tags, or stroe your location. This view also offers tools to remove attachments or assign notes to a notebook.

Evernote 4 also now lets you browser by notebooks or tags, which means you can see an entire notebook at once. There’s a new Search screen which shows saved searches in addition to a search bar.

You can check out a video overview after the break. The Evernote Blog also has more screenshots and additional details.

Evernote 4 for iPhone is available as a free download from the App Store. The basic service is also free, but you can also upgrade to a premium account for $5 per month to gain additional features.

Brad Linder

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