Grallery is a free app for iPhone that makes the tedious work of finding superb smartphone wallpaper easy. Personalizing the iPhone in detail is no easy task, but Grallery makes the process feel natural and simple.

The app is essentially a library of user generated wallpapers, and its user interface is stunningly clean. The Grallery icon itself is a crisply designed logo, and the corresponding launch screen is also charming. Browse the large selection of artwork and photography, then preview the wallpaper in full-screen mode.

Despite Grallery’s inclusion of ads, the previews look fantastic. To add the wallpaper to your Camera Roll, just tap the download button on the transparent/black control bar.

Also in the control panel is the option to learn more about the wallpaper and the designer that created it. This feature (my personal favorite) makes Grallery a must-have for all photography and modern art enthusiasts. You can share your findings via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

The artwork and photos are 100% user generated, but created on the Granimato app for iPad. Granimator gives designers, artists, and illustrators the opportunity to create design-focused wallpapers on their tablet.  For more information on Granimator and Grallery, you’ll want to check out their website.

Grallery is available as a [itunes link=”″ title=”free download from the App Store” text=”ree download from the App Store”]. There’s also a version available for Android.


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