Mozilla Firefox 4 is due out tomorrow, but it’s not the only Mozilla web browser getting an update today. The company has just launched the Release Candidate for Firefox 4 for Mobile. The mobile browser for Maemo and Android has been in beta testing for months, and now Mozilla is almost finished calling the app a test release.

If you’ve been following the browser’s progress you won’t find a lot of new features in Firefox 4 RC, but the developers have been working on improving speed and performance. The browser now loads pages more quickly, zooms more quickly, and you won’t see the checkerboard areas showing unloaded portions of web sites nearly as often.

There are a few important new feature in the release candidate: an option to reflow text on zoom. When you enable this setting, double-tapping on a column will rearrange text to look better on your screen. This makes text which would otherwise be too small to read much easier to see on a small screen.

Firefox Mobile also now supports copy and paste in all form fields, not just the URL field. There are also more text encoding options.

Another major change is support for installing add-ons without restarting the web browser.

You can find more details in the release notes.

Firefox  4 Mobile for Android and Maemo is available for download from You can also find the browser in the Android Market.

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