One of BlackBerry App World’s best beta apps, Foursquare, received a major update last week. Foursquare is a location-based, social networking service that allows users to ‘check in’ at local venues from their mobile devices in a variety of ways. The service’s popular mobile apps are available on all major smartphone operating systems.

Foursquare released v1.9.77 of its app for BlackBerry, and can be downloaded here on your device. The update is expected to arrive in the BlackBerry App World soon. The previous version, included mostly bug fixes and aesthetic improvements for touch screen based BlackBerry’s. This latest update, however, greatly enhances the Foursquare mobile experience for all crackberries.

Improvements include the ability for users to ‘check for updates’ within the app and add comments to a friend’s check-in. The new version supports fixes to add friends and profile photo uploads. Also included is a beautifully designed trophy case that displays badges and overall speed improvements for a better rendering experience.

Perhaps the most elegant update to Foursquare’s beta is the addition of a stunning photo gallery viewer. To enter this view, click on a photo in venues to enlarge the picture, then click once more to enter the photo gallery view. If you’re an avid BlackBerry user, you know firsthand how irritating it can be to deal with in-app photos on a 480 x 320, barely 2″ screen. With the photo gallery view, Foursquare makes this far more tolerable.

via Crackberry


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