Social networking tool GetGlue has updated its iPhone app bringing sports check-ins, Foursquare integration and a redesigned interface.

The sports check-in feature lets you check-in to your favorite teams and let your friends know whenever you are watching a game or event. Frequent check-ins to GetGlue Sports will also earn you the GetGlue Fan and Superfan stickers, which are similar to the Foursquare badges. Additionally, GetGlue’s Sports check-in will also give you rewards from various sports leagues and sports network such as NHL, Fox Sports, San Antonio Spurs, Fox College Sports, Fuel TV and others.

The GetGlue iPhone app is also now integrated with Foursquare. So when you check-in to the Sports category, you’re Foursquare friends will know that you are doing something sports-related at a specific location as plotted by Foursquare. To use this feature you need to sign in to your Foursquare account before the app checks you in. Once set up, your check-ins will be posted on both GetGlue and Foursquare.

Finally, GetGlue iPhone app’s user interface and overall look have been complete redesigned. The app now sports a new check-in screen, suggestions and quick rate screen.

So, who’s using GetGlue on their iPhone? I remember using this app once or twice when I was reviewing it for another site but had to remove it because I rarely used it at all. But the latest version is much more interestinge. GetGlue is available as a free [itunes link=”″ title=”getglue” text=”download from the iTunes App Store”].

via [GetGlue Blog]