If you thought the Bump mobile app which lets you exchange files and other contents of your phone with a friend by bumping your phones together, Gogobeans takes that idea to a new level. This new app is available for both iPhone and Android and it lets you share files and photos with your friends by “bouncing” them. Unlike Bump, when you share content using Gogobeans it  immediately appears on a shelf in their iPhone or Android devices so they don’t have to look for files shared in an email link.

The best part is that Gogobeans lets you share files and photos with your friends even if they are on the other side of the world — the app doesn’t rely on physical proximity like Bump. As long as your friend has the app open and running on their phone, they will immediately see the files you’ve shared if you will allow them to. That’s because as soon as you shake your phone to start sharing, the files get stored in the Gogobeans cloud storage. Your friend will be able to access these files from the cloud server using their iPhone or Android devices. Gogobeans also allows you to bounce files to one or many friends, make comment on content you’ve share, and view all your shared content while on the move.

Gogobeans is available as a free download from the Android Market and iTunes App Store.

via Intomobile