GoodNews is an RSS reader for Android that synchronizes with your Google Reader account. But that description is kind of like saying a Ferrari is a hunk of metal resting on top of some wheels that will get you from place to place.

The app lets you choose between Google Reader accounts at launch, and lets you manually or automatically synchronize with Google Reader to pull down new articles from your RSS feeds, and mark items as read or starred.

Items can be sorted from newest to oldest or vice versa, and when you’re reading any news item you can load the full web page in a built-in GoodNews web browser or in your default web browser.

You also have a lot of control over what happens when you synchronize your device. For instance, you can select how many total unread and/or read items are downloaded, and set different numbers for your starred items or Google Listen podcast subscriptions.

You can use GoodNews as a podcast app to play audio files associated with your Listen account

Unlike the official Google Reader app for Android, you can install GoodNews to an SD card, which means the app uses just 1-2MB of disk space.

There’s also an optional add-on that lets you integrate GoodNews with Tasker and Locale to automate jobs based on the time of day, location of your phone, or other criteria.

My only complaint with GoodNews is that the ads at the bottom of the screen in the free version of the app are a little annoying. But you can make them go away buy paying less than $3 for an ad-free license.

GoodNews is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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