Google is expected to roll out a music sync service for Android eventually that will let you store music from an Android phone online where you can access your tracks from multiple devices and keep your music library intact even if you replace your phone. Google hasn’t officially launched the service yet, and may be waiting until the company is ready to launch a music store. But members of the xda-developers community have discovered a way to get Google’s music synchronization up and running on existing phones.

Forum member WhiteWidows reports that after installing the latest version of CyonagenMod (a custom version of Android for users who are looking to replace the software that ships with their phones) and a leaked version of the music player from Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb, he got a “Sync Music” option in his phone’s settings.

After uploading music to the web, he tested the service by removing the phone’s SD card and inserting an empty SD card. He was able to check a “Stream Music” option and play songs that had been saved online.

Some users are reporting that you don’t need to have CyonagenMod installed… you just need to have a rooted Android phone and the Honeycomb music player. Your results may vary.

via xda-developers

Brad Linder

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