Slide Inc, a company Google bought last year for $182 million, has released Disco Messenger for iOS. It’s a social networking app based on group texting.

When you download and sign up for Disco, you’re assigned a unique phone number and invited to send texts to a number of people, regardless of whether they use Disco. Similar to many conference call/messaging apps, the real convenience is centered around your creation and management of Groups.

Groups make coordinating, organizing and planning events easy, as the instant feedback from group members in this system is far more useful than contacting each individual.

It’s free to send messages from Disco, but you may want to make sure those in your groups have unlimited texting, as the ‘reply to all’ function can expand quickly.

At this point, Disco’s feature set is a bit behind other messaging apps, such as Convore, Fast Society and GroupMe. It lacks push notifications, it’s buggy in its current stage (beta), and it’s only available for the iPhone. However, it is free and represents a strong first step by Slide in the social networking app arena. Keep in mind, Slide was previously best known for its Super Poke line of virtual pet games.

According to Business Insider, Slide has been allowed to operate as an independent subsidiary of Google, which explains why there’s an iPhone app but no Android app yet. You can [itunes link=”″ title=”download Disco for free” text=”download Disco for free”] from the iTunes App Store.

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