GroupMe is a conference communication app for iOS and Android devices, and it’s now available in beta version for BlackBerry phones.

The free app is based on a private conference room via SMS (reply-all text messaging). Adding a group is as simple as providing information such as what the group is for (setting the topic), when it should end, and who is in it.

Each group is given a unique phone number. When you send a text message to that number, everyone in the group will receive a copy. If you call the number, you’re dialing all group members for an actual conference call. You can save the numbers assigned to your groups in your contacts.

You can also share photos. Choose a photo from your library or take one on the spot and send it to as many different groups as you’d like. It’s wise, however, to make sure everyone in your groups has an appropriate SMS plan, as standard rates apply.

Click here to download GroupMe for BlackBerry from App World for free. For more information on the GroupMe beta for BlackBerry, check out the official GroupMe Blog.

via Crackberry


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