Remember the old days when walkie talkie was still a hot gadget to have? That’s what HeyTell Android app is perhaps trying to emulate. HeyTell is a new voice messaging app that lets you record voice messages and send it to contacts via an email attachment which can be opened and listened to anytime.

HeyTell works like your old walkie talkie in the sense that it’s a two-way communication with voice. The only difference is that you record your voice message and listen to received voice messages using your Android phone. The app is somewhat similar to Push to Talk, the big difference is that you don’t have to listen to the voice message immediately. You can do so later on at your own leisure time.

One nice thing about HeyTell  is that it is easy-to-use. Just fire up the app, select anyone from your Android phone’s contact list, record your voice message and send it away. Your recipient will then get the voice message via email and they can listen to it anytime they want to. The message stays in their email inbox.

HeyTell is also [itunes link=”″ title=”available as an iPhone app” text=”available as an iPhone app”]. This enables you to send a voice message to your iPhone-using contacts as well. I tried sending a voice message to my iPhone and the app worked without a hitch.

This app is especially useful if you need to communicate but doesn’t have the time to compose a text message or even dial the number of your contact. With few taps of the screen, you can start recording your message and send it right away. You’ll certainly find it useful especially you need to send a quick message while driving.

HeyTell is available as a free download from the Android Market.