Apple released iMovie 1.2 this week, adding support for the iPad 2. The original iPad isn’t officially supported, since it doesn’t have video cameras. But since when did you need a camera to edit video. The folks at German site fscklog have figured out how to install iMovie on the original iPad. You don’t even need to jailbreak the tablet.

You will need to make sure your iPad is running iOS 4.3. You’ll also need to download the latest version of iMovie for $4.99 from iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. The third thing you’ll need to use the iPhone configuration utility for OS X or Windows, which you can use to manually install the app to your iPad.

If you don’t read German, you can find step by step instructions in English at Download Squad.

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4 replies on “How to install iMovie on the original iPad”

  1. Hmm, couldn’t work for my iPad too :(
    Well, to the iPad 2, the iMovie and Garageband are great upgrade, think about with iMovie maybe I don’t need the iFunia video converter to do my video converting and editing~ Except this it doesn’t have any more excitings to me, no SD slot, no Retina display, and no Gorilla glass, no surprise…
    But I don’t want to buy the iPad 2 just for iMovie(seems have to keep the ifunia video converter for movies watching again, sigh), I think I would like to stick with the 1gen iPad and wait for iPad 3 ;)

    BTW: tips to watch movies and videos on iPad on the go

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