Right now webOS is primarily an operating system for mobile devices including smartphones and the upcoming HP Touchpad tablet. But we already know that HP has bigger plans for the operating system. Eventually it will power all sorts of devices including internet-connected printers, and HP also plans to make it possible to run webOS apps on a Windows PC.

Now HP CEO Leo Apotheker says that starting in 2012, every PC the company ships will be able to run webOS as well as Windows.

The idea is that you’ll be able to buy an app for your phone or tablet and run it seamlessly on a desktop computer — without booting into a separate operating system.

I’m guessing that doesn’t just mean you’ll be able to play Angry Birds on a PC (which you can already do anyway). It could also make it easier to develop apps that share data across platforms such as calendar or task manager apps, instant messengers, or even media players that can pick up a song or movie on a PC where you left off on your phone.

If HP can pull this off, it will be a good reason not only to buy HP computers, but also HP phones. Right now webOS adoption trails pretty far behind iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Brad Linder

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  1. It would be very interesting if they could obtain a solution with instant access to many things through the fat of the operating system and can transfer to Windows on the fly, to keep things as browser windows, like and want. Even if only used to cover the time when Windows was starting and caching of the main program, would be very happy.

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