Like much of the world, I’ve been transfixed by the hat trick of horror that Japan has been confronted with. And my heart goes out to the people of that nation, as the death toll climbs and the challenges continue. Last weekend, while updating my iPhone apps, I came across [itunes link=”″ title=”NHK World TV Live” text=”NHK World TV Live”] which is a 24 hour English language news channel out of Japan.

Given the time difference, I’ve gotten into a routine of checking in at the beginning and end of their days (corresponding to dinner and breakfast here) to gain some insight into what’s planned and what’s been accomplished in regards to the ongoing containment efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. I’m certainly hoping for the best and salute the brave souls who voluntarily risk potentially lethal doses of radiation as they race to protect their countrymen.

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