There’s a new eBook app for Windows Phone 7, but it appears that at the moment it’s only available for phones from Samsung. Mobility Digest has the details on the new Kobo Reader app which is available as a free download from the Windows Phone Marketplace — if you have a Samsung phone.

Like Kobo’s apps for iOS and Android, the Windows Phone app lets you purchase and download eBooks from the Kobo store and read them on your device. But the user interface has been tweaked for Windows Phone 7, providing multiple screens that you can swipe through to show your reading list, local library, and internet book store.

When reading a book you an place bookmarks, search for text, adjust the background color, or zoom.

As eBookNewer points out, there’s reason to believe this app may not be an official Kobo app — the way you login is quite different from other Kobo Reader apps. But it will let you access titles purchased from the Kobo eBook store, so it might be good enough to hold you over until an official Windows Phone 7 app is available.

Update: It’s official. The Kobo app for Windows Phone 7 uses the Kobo platform, but it wasn’t actually developed by Kobo.

In order to figure out how to actually find the app in the Marketplace, hit up Mobility Digest for instructions.

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