LiveProfile Messenger is now available for BlackBerry. Up until recently the cross-platform app was exclusively available for Android and [itunes link=”″ title=”iOS” text=”iOS”]. The popular IM app is very similar to BlackBerry Messenger, but you can use LiveProfile to chat with your friends that don’t have BlackBerry phones.

When you download the app your account automatically receives a unique custom PIN, which makes sharing and adding friends easy. Features include badges for sent, delivered, and read messages, and displays when a contact is typing (and when a contact is reading). It also lets you update your Facebook and Twitter status and even add contacts by scanning your address book, Twitter, and Facebook.

The app is expected to support outgoing photo attachments in the near future.

As the name suggests, LiveProfile is more than just a messenger client. It includes profiles, pictures, media sharing, status messages, and other social capabilities. Today, the company stated that it has reached the millionth user milestone, and added that it’s adding 35,000-40,000 new users per day. Also notable is the app’s ultra-fast messaging capabilities. Obi from says the app might actually be faster than BlackBerry Messenger.

The app’s best feature, of course, is its attractive price tag (its free). For a full featured, well designed and cross-platform messenger client on BlackBerry, it just can’t be beat.

To download today, you must go to from your BlackBerry browser. For more info on LiveProfile, check out the official website’s FAQ page.




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