Microsoft bundles Windows Media Center software with the Windows 7 operating system, allowing you to use your computer like a TiVo or Roku box and access music, movies, and photos from the comfort of your couch — assuming you have a remote control or wireless keyboard. Microsoft also offers some pretty powerful media software in the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. You’d think it would be a no-brainer for Microsoft to include the option to use your phone as a media center remote control. But instead it falls to third party developers to offer that sort of functionality.

That’s just what developer Bradley Mauk has done. His Media Center Remote app showed up in the Windows Phone Marketplace yesterday.You can purchase it for £2.49, or about $4 or take a free trial for a spin.

The app lets you navigate through your music, movies, and photos on a computer on your home network running a small server application. You can also access your now playing list to play, pause, or rewind media. The app also lets you control Netflix Watch Instantly videos.

You can also use the Meddia Center Remote app to open or close your DVD drive, search for media, or even convert speech to text so you can tell your media center PC what to do using your voice.

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