A MegaVideo app for Android was released last week, making it easy to stream or download any video from the online video site on your phone. MegaVideo is known for hosting a wide range of videos… including movies and TV shows that have been uploaded illegally. But I’m sure there’s some legitimate content on the site as well.

Up until now there was no simple way to view videos from the site on an Android device. Now when you encounter a MegaVideo link in your web browser, email app, or chat client, you can choose to open the link with the MegaVideo app. From there you can download or play a movie — although you’ll need to start to download the file before you can stream it.

The app is in beta testing right now and it’s still a bit rough around the edges. For one thing, it doesn’t actually have a built-in video player yet. Instead, the app checks to see if you already have a video player that can handle FLV files installed. If not, it will prompt you to download one.

Once you’re passed that hurdle, clicking the play button will let you load a video in your favorite FLV player and the quality is just as good as it would be if you were watching the video on a desktop computer — because you’re basically downloading and playing the FLV file bit by bit.

The app requires location data for advertising purposes, and access to your storage card because that’s where the videos are stored. It’s nice of the developers to actually explain in the product description why the app needs those permissions though. I wish more developers would do that.

via xda-developers

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