Microsoft has updated its mobile Bing web site with a number of new features. But like the last major update to, all of these new features require a browser with HTML5 support, which currently rules out the browser on Windows Phone 7 devices.

So what’s new at Bing for iPhone and Android users?

  • Real-time transit directions
  • Faster image search
  • Movie listings are organized by showtime and nearest theater
  • Revamped shopping interface
  • Weather autosuggest
  • iPhone app search

The new transit directions feature is nice… but a few times when I made a mistake I noticed that when I hit the back button I had to re-enter the complete address over again from scratch. For the most part, the mobile Bing web site is starting to feel more and more like an app and less like a web site since you can perform a number of functions without waiting for a web page to reload. It’s a shame Microsoft Windows Phone 7 users can’t access the latest features in Microsoft’s mobile search engine yet.

via jkOnTheRun

Brad Linder

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