Netflix is expected to launch a mobile app for Android soon, but the app will likely only let you stream video on phones that feature hardware support for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent users from saving videos for offline playback or file sharing. So I wasn’t surprised to see that while I was able to use the app to login to my Netflix account, search for videos, and view my Watch Instantly queue, I encountered an error message when I actually tried to watch any videos.

Android Police notes that at least one user has reported the app is working on the Samsung Fascinate, but I’m pretty sure that by “working” he didn’t mean “playing video.” You can find a download link at Android Police, and scattered across other corners of the internet, I’m sure.

Update: Apparently the app was pulled from a LG Revolution smartphone system dump… so it looks like that may be one of the first phones to feature a working version of the Netflix app for Android.

Brad Linder

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