We’ve seen GameBoy emulators, PlayStation emulators, and even a Nintendo DS emulator for Google Android. What’s next? An app that lets you run Nintendo 64 games on your phone. Developer yongzh has released the first N64 emulator for Android. It’s called N64oid and you can download it now from the Android Market for $5.99.

The developer says the app is still a work in progress, but he says that most games should run reasonably smoothly on phones with fast processors including the Google Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Droid series, or Samsung Galaxy phones.

The emulator lets you save and restore game states from any point in the game. It also has a configurable on=screen keyboard and key mapping to let you use your phone or tablet’s hardware buttons. You can also use your device’s G-sensor as an analog stick.

Of course, the emulator is useless if you don’t have digital copies of some N64 games, but you’re on your own finding those.

via Android Police

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  1. Android is the best mobile os in the world with more than 2,50,000 apps in
    Android market. This is really good that Android platform has Nintendo
    64 emulator in Android Market with price tag of 6 bucks. This is good
    emulator if your phone has minimum 1 GHZ processor to process games
    without hang.


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