When Palm introduced the Palm Pre and Pixi phones a few years ago running the shiny new webOS operating system, the company announced that it was moving away from support for legacy Palm apps. But rather than leave users in the cold after they had  spent years (and a reasonable amount of cash)  collecting PalmOS apps, Palm partnered with a company called MotionApps to release a PalmOS emulator for webOS called Classic. You could use it to run old apps on the new platform — until recently.

With the launch of webOS 2.0, Palm eliminated some of the underlying code that MotionApps needed to get Classic working properly. So MotionApps abandoned the project.

But now an independent developer named Arthur Thornton has posted information on how to get Classic to work on devices running webOS 2.0 and 2.1.

Sure, old Palm OS apps might not look as pretty on a Palm Pre 2 or other new phone. And they may not have been updated in years. But if you rely on an app that isn’t available for webOS, or if you just don’t feel like paying for the new version when you’ve already paid for the old, then Classic can certainly fill a need.

via PreCentral

Brad Linder

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