Ssocial photo-sharing app Path has been updated to version 1.4.  Path is similar in many ways to Instagram, as it lets you take photos using your iPhone and share it to other Path users. Unlike Instagram, Path lets you select only up to 50 of  friends, family and other contacts to have exlusive rights of seeing photos you share.  Another difference between Path and Instagram is that Path lets you share short videos as well.

One thing that Path doesn’t let you do which you can with Instagram is to apply the cool photo filters.

To help you in filling up the 50 slots for your Path’s contacts, the app can pull out your close friends and family in Facebook. But that’s as far as the app goes when it comes to integrating with Facebook. Don’t expect the app to share your updates to your Facebook account later on.

New features in Path 1.4 include the ability to chat with your close friends and family in real time. You can also now share photos and videos you’ve captured using your iPhone via email. This is useful for your friends and family who are not using Path on their iPhone yet. The app was also made faster and more reliable with the update.

Here’s a quick rundown of the some of the other new features added recently:

  • Path emotion was added to let you show how you feel after sharing photos or videos
  • Sharing up to 10 seconds of video moments
  • Push notifications
  • Sharing of existing photos from your iPhone’s camera roll
  • Full screen view for share photos
  • View most recently tagged contacts
  • iPod Touch support

[itunes link=”″ title=”Path is available as a free download ” text=”Path is available as a free download”] from the App Store.