Today at the Photoshop World conference, Adobe previewed a new version of its mobile Photoshop app for the iPad and showed off some of its desktop-style image editing features.

Unlike the basic, filter-based [itunes link=”″ title=”photoshop express” text=”Photoshop Express for iOS”], the new iPad version would let users add, switch to, and edit layers with an isometric view to show multiple layers at a glance. Other additions include the ability to drag and rotate image objects as well as a color blending system in the form of a detailed color mixer. This mixer is also known as ‘layer animation.’

A ‘full’ iOS edition of Photoshop is likely to continue to trail significantly behind the desktop version, but would provide much better picture manipulation than its current platform offering. Photoshop Express recently got an update that brought some new features, but remains far less feature-rich than the desktop Photoshop.

Unfortunately, we just don’t know when the new app will be available.

For more screenshots from the conference, check out Photography Bay‘s media coverage of the event.

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