If you’re an Android user who’s concerned with your information’s privacy, there’s a new app in the Android Market worth checking out. Privacy Blocker is a tool for those who want to protect themselves from data mining and other invasions of privacy. 

Privacy Blocker scans all the applications you have installed, then identifies what data the apps are requesting about your device. It will then “fix” the privacy issue by replacing that data inside the app with fake data. For example, if an app is requesting that your phone number be sent to a server, Privacy Blocker will create a bogus 10 digit number.

In its Android Market app description, the developer correctly points out that other apps like Anti-Virus Pro, Lookout Mobile Security, and McAfee WaveSecure can’t find and fix problems the way Privacy Blocker can. This is because it can actually scan through other apps’ codes to find privacy issues. You can also customize these default values (privacy concerns) and make them virtually anything you want.

Privacy Blocker has an attractive and simple interface. You’ll find separate ‘boxes’ for each scanned app set against an aqua blue fingerprint background. Up to five apps can be processed at once.

Download Privacy Blocker today from the Android Market for $1.99 for a limited time. You can also download the app’s free (lite) version, Privacy Inspector, which is limited to just scanning your applications.

via Boing Boing


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