TuneIn Radio is currently my favorite internet radio app for Android. You can use the app to find local stations that stream audio online based on your location, or browse or search for stations around the world by genre or keyword. You can also save presets. And since the app is from the folks behind the RadioTime internet radio service, if you already have a RadioTime account, when you login to TuneIn you’ll automatically find your presets.

While I use the free Android app, there are also free apps for BlackBerry and webOS and a $0.99 iOS app. Now TuneIn Radio is also available for Windows Phone 7.

For the most part, the free  Windows Phone 7 app seems to offer the same features you find in the other versions of the app including a directory of more than 30,000 radio stations. But the Windows Phone version takes advantage of the operating systems’ Metro UI, including the ability to swipe left or right to flip between different screens.

via AppScout

Brad Linder

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