Read It Later is a web service that offers exactly what the name suggests: a simple way to read something later. Say you find a news article, Wikipedia entry, or other article on the web that you want to read, but which you don’t have time for right now. You can use a Read It Later bookmarklet in your web browser to save the page to your reading list which you can access later from any web browser by logging into your account.

There’s also an iPhone app which lets you access your reading list on the go. And this week the company launched a mobile app for Android as well.

The Read It Later Pro app for Android lets you view a full web page in its mobile browser, or you can view a quick-loading, streamlined version of the page by removing everything but the words, images, captions, and video from an article, which makes pages easier to read on a mobile device. You can use the mobile app to download content for offline viewing as well.

If you have a large reading list, you can use Read It Later to tag web pages for easy searching and sorting later.

Once you’re done reading a page you can hit the check mark to mark it as read and remove the page from your list. Each page also has a sharing button to let you send the article to your friends or contacts via email, Twitter, Facebook, or other services.

Read It Later Pro for Android is available from the Android Market for 99 cents.

If you use the Dolphin HD browser, there are also several Read It Later plugins available which will let you access your reading list from the browser or save new pages. But those apps don’t offer all the features you get with Read It Later Pro.

via Android Central

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