Sure, one of the key selling points of Windows Phone 7 is the Zune Pass subscription service which lets you steam unlimited music to your device for about $10 per month. But if you’d rather use the popular Rhapsody service… well, now you can. Rhapsody launched an official app for Windows Phone 7 this week. It’s available as a free download from the Zune Marketplace.

A Rhapsody subscription will run you $9.99 per month, but you can try the service for free for 60 days.

The Windows Phone version of Rhapsody has all the same features as the company’s iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android apps, including support for playlists, music search, browse by genre, or view recommendations. You can also listen to Rhapsody’s internet radio stations.

One feature that the Windows Phone 7 version doesn’t appear to have yet is support for caching songs and playlists so you can listen to your music when an internet connection isn’t available.

via Download Squad and WP7applist

Brad Linder

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